Rally / 02 September 2010

Barum Rally 2010: Hondas lead on N3 and N2, and near the podium in A7.

This year the Czech Barum Rally was particularly difficult. Due to the very variable weather contitions and consequently the ground grip, every corner was a real bet! A lot of crashes underline that the SSs were very risky (only 58 equips finished the rally, were 113 at start) and in these difficult conditions Honda grabs two first places in N3 and N2 class, skimming over the podium in A7 with Vizin/Zsiros (arrived 4th).
The Other Civic of Eurosol Rally Team with Puskadi/Szabo finished 7th with a puncture in SS1 and a little crash on the last SS of Day1.

Estonian equip Plangi/Sarapuu at his first rally on tarmac has a puncture on SS1 and a big crash during the 5th SS. Car repared and start again into Super rally formula showing a good speed during the remaining SSs.

A lot of people into the Service Area and a lot of Honda at start, it's the best way for making a good customer service.