GT3 / 06 August 2021

JAS Motorsport to assemble latest-spec NSX GT3 Evo 22 for three more years

JAS Motorsport will continue its involvement with the highly-successful NSX GT3 as the upgraded ‘Evo 22’ version debuts in global competition from 2022 onwards.

Honda Performance Development (HPD) has developed the latest version of the NSX GT3, which has won 15 major titles globally in its current ‘Evo’ form, while assembly of all cars will continue at JAS Motorsport’s headquarters in Arluno, Italy.

The Evo 22 will benefit from several key upgrades, aimed at not only keeping it at the forefront of global GT3 competition, but also at becoming even more accessible to drivers who are being introduced to the category from other areas of motorsport.

Enhancements include upgraded engine intercoolers for consistency in engine performance in a wider range of conditions, revised spring rates and suspension geometry adjustments, increased fluid tank sizes for endurance racing, wheel system revisions for faster tyre changes and a new, FIA-mandated rain light.

Additionally, new variant options will be available for the air-conditioning system and headlights. The NSX GT3 Evo 22 remains available for new orders and is homologated through to the end of 2024.

As has been the case since the beginning of the NSX GT3 programme, chassis orginate from the Performance Manufacturing Centre in Marysville, Ohio, with assembly undertaken by JAS.

Under the NSX GT3 Customer Racing Programme, HPD and MTECH are responsible for customer support in North America and Japan respectively with JAS carrying out the service for the rest of the world.