Rally / 07 December 2012

La R?union: Mamisoa and Muriel Rajo?l hope to win overall title for Honda

Following the Rallye Bourbon, the fifth round of the La Reunion Rally Championship, Mamisoa and Muriel Rajo?l are already confirmed to win the national Group R-title for the third time.

Next weekend, as the La Reunion Rally Championship comes to a close with the Rally Saint Andr?, there is a strong chance that Mamisoa-Rajo?l will be able win the overall title for Honda! Having already completed five of the six rounds the pair, who are racing in a white Honda Civic Type R, lead on points currently but they will have to wait and see if their rivals can do any better.

?Our fate lies in the hands of Johny Picard and Philippe Maitre, our two closest rivals?, Mamisoa said about the next rally. ?The five best results are taken into account to decide final placing and, considering that Picard and Maitre can already present a zero score, it all depends now how high they can finish in Saint Andr? and if they can improve their total. Even if we arrive first at the finishing line, we still can?t be sure of the overall title.?

Mamisoa and Muriel Rajo?l are not giving up. They know the competition well and will push themselves to the limit.

?Our opponents are coming out in S1600 and Group N, but we know from previous rallies that we can keep pace with them. The stages in Saint Andr? are full of traps, so it?s tough.  We have ten special stages on the asphalt, but if you drive fast and take risks, it?s possible to have more than one puncture. We are going to drive on the offensive and keep chasing our opponents to keep them constantly under pressure. That?s our only chance to keep them away from the points.?

To give them the best shot at their mission, the Rajoels can count on a Civic Type R which has been prepared to a top-notch standard.

?Marc Vandeghen, our tuner for the Belgian ELR, left nothing to chance and will already be helping us out with our final preparations and test drives. The main goal for us is to be as well prepared as possible at the start of the first stage, and to complete the whole 90 kilometres without any problems. Fingers crossed!?

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